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Pro wrestling star Maria KanellisMaria Kanellis / Instagram

The Fappening menace and the leak of celebrities' compromising photos and videos over the internet, without their consent, is turning out to be a major distress for the personalities concerned. Just a few weeks back, Paige made her WWE return and certain online parasites leaked her nude photos again.

Now Maria Kanellis, another WWE superstar, has been targetted. This is not the first time though this year, let us tell you!

We are Aunt and Uncle today. My favorite job. #Gunner #wrestling #22weeks6dayspregnant #alieninvasion ???

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#22weekspregnant and feeling it today!! Yucky yucky today but maybe the gym will help... #fitpregnancy #alieninvasion ?? #crazyhair

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#DivaLadyWifeMom #21weekspregnant “How dare you get pregnant? You can’t workout. And other stupid things people have said to me.” Swipe Right to See them yourself. I think it’s funny that everyone is an expert on pregnancy, including men that can’t birth them and don’t have children of their own. Now, I am not an expert on pregnancy but I do have my OB, PCP, mom, my friends with kids, and my trainer on speed dial. Let’s just analysis the first statement/question: “How dare you get pregnant?” I’m not exactly sure what this means but I can only assume it’s because I work for WWE. I signed a contract with WWE in March and had no plans of getting pregnant until my contract was up. So, yes I have only been signed for a few months this time but, I worked for WWE before. For 5 and a half years. I’ve also been working in wrestling for 13 years. AND I’ve been working since I was 12. I was a bus girl for my first job. Thus, I have been working for 23 years. I CAN get pregnant. I can even stay home while pregnant and have a job because WWE thinks I am important and this baby is important enough to do so. After 23 years of work, do I deserve maternity leave? I think so and so does WWE. Women deserve maternity leave and men deserve paternity leave. It should be a right not a privilege. I will continue fulfilling the obligations of my WWE contract even after the baby arrives so, SMGMB. (Suck My Giant Momma Boobs) Hahaha…… You can’t workout….. Really? Has anyone seen a lioness while pregnant? What if she decides, oh I can’t run today, I’m pregnant? The lioness starves and so does her cubs. Or what happened in colonial times when the men went off to war? Did the farm get neglected? No, she plowed the field and took care of her 7 other children. Women are amazing. Women's bodies are amazing. I will not let people on social media make me feel powerless. Should some women not workout? Of course. But, I don’t have any special circumstances. And if I did then, I would “settle down” as one hater put it. Continue reading here:

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Maria, 35, returned to the WWE earlier this 2017 along with her husband Mike Bennett. She announced her pregnancy in September.

In her first stint with the Vince McMahon-led pro wrestling promotion between 2004 and 2010, Maria remained one of the top draws in the Divas division. She is also famous for her intergender match with the Samoan giant Umaga inside the WWE ring.

Maria was involved in plenty of 'Lingerie Pillow matches' as well as 'Bra and Panties matches'. Her on-screen romance with Santino Marella and Dolph Ziggler is also fondly remembered by the WWE fans.

She has close to 460K followers on Instagram and Maria also regularly posts sizzling images of her wearing lingeries and bikinis. The nude photos leak however has been done without her consent. And we don't quite know if it will ever stop in the near future.