The first episode of a 4-part series –"Man's World" – is out and it's being loved by most.

The 16-minute video opens with Kiran (Gaurav Pandey) texting a female friend good morning. Later in the day, he mocks women and their issues of life.

After a day at work, he leaves office when the lady, he has been interested in for a while, asks him over a text message if he was free to meet. Kiran ditches an evening out with a friend to go out on a date with the girl but unfortunately gets stood up by her.

To dilute the pain he drinks up with his pal and later in his drunken rant, requests god to flip everything.

Next morning, Kiran wakes up to terrible stomach cramps and later finds his dad in the kitchen cooking up breakfast for the women folk of the house.

What follows next traumatises him and the episodes end with Kiran lying on the street screaming with madness and anger.

Produced by Yash Raj Films, the episode features Shruti Seth, Bhumi Pednekar, and Cyrus Sahukar among others.

Director Vikram Gupta keeps it short. The cameos make an impact and Gaurav does a spectacular job of playing a misogynist.

Check out the episode, below: