Manpreet Singh
Manpreet Singh

The Jammu-based brilliant young guy, Manpreet Singh is bringing an evolution in the world of business with his brand new venture Innokrats Private Limited.
The media describes Manpreet as the new age entrepreneur who is utilizing the power of technology to bring new innovations in the market at an affordable rate. Merely 19 years old, he is already being acclaimed all over the world as an avid and critical thinker who is capable of bringing a change in the way business done today!

His inspiring journey of life motivates so many people from different parts of the world but especially appeals to the younger generation that understands the nuances of technology but is clueless regarding how to utilize it for the betterment of the society or the industry. He is also an excellent public speaker who can keep the crowd mesmerized with his motivating speeches. After losing his dad at the age of 9 he didn't give up and started focusing on website development & designing projects and by the age of 12 he was a complete professional! Gradually he took an interest in digital marketing & affiliate marketing.

Soon after that, he attended an event of Microsoft in Hyderabad after getting praises from the international firms for his work. One of his contacts offered him the opportunity to cofound Innokrats Private Limited with someone who was planning to launch a startup in India and he took up the responsibility to lead the marketing and PR department.

The innovative solutions provided by this company has become the talk of the town within a very short period of time. What makes them unique is the fact that they offer solutions for each and every industry. So no matter how complex your business challenges are, you can put your faith on them irrespective of your core business industry. The entire team works diligently to ensure that every challenge is accepted with the same zeal and customized solution is provided to meet the unique requirements of every organization.

At 18, he co-founded Innokrats Private Limited and thus started his journey in the world of entrepreneurship with the aim to help other business owners and innovators to achieve their goals. In the near future, he plans on expanding the company all over the world. Along with various other projects, he is currently studying software engineering at the Birmingham City University, UK.