The violence in India's north eastern state Manipur that has claimed six lives so far has "surprisingly" raised a major concern in Pakistan. Hundreds of users in the neighbouring country took to Twitter to comment on the issue with hashtag #ManipurBurning.

After violence flared up in Manipur on Monday evening, an indefinite curfew was imposed in the state.

Houses of a minister and other lawmakers were torched the same evening in Churachandpur town over passage of three bills in Manipur Assembly. At least eight people were reported injured in arson attacks.

#ManipurBurning has been on the top Twitter trends in Pakistan since Tuesday morning. From blaming the Modi government to the RAW chief Ajit Doval, Twitterati in Pakistan asked the Manipur residents to call for freedom from India.

Some of them even came up with a theory that most residents of Manipur have ancestors in North Korea and hence the Kim Jong Un government must come to the aide of the Indian state.

Commenting about the "overwhelming" response  from Pakistan, some Twitter handles joked that seeing the Pakistanis' concern Manipur has decided to join the country.

Read Hilarious Reactions from Pakistan #ManipurBurning-

Gen Hameed Gul ‏@GenHameedGul 

Most of the people of Manipur have ancestors from North Korea.
 North Korea should work to get back Manipur.

Zaid Hamid ‏@SirZaidHamid 

Manipur decides to join Pakistan after seeing Pakistani concern over #ManipurBurning

Gen Hameed Gul ‏@GenHameedGul

UN should immediately send it's peace keeping force in #ManipurBurning .
Pakistan should be a part of that force.

sumairajamil ‏@real_sumaira 

#ManipurBurning Real attitude 2wrds ind 4m Manipur 2Kashmir to Nagaland to Khalistan,evry1 wants an end 2Modi trror "

Farhan Khan Virk ‏@FarhanKVirk 

#ManipurBurning The end of Endia is near, what we have been promised is now finally becoming a reality!

Zaid Hamid ‏@SirZaidHamid

Photos of #Rohingya Muslim persecution, which were originally Chinese earthquake photos, now used for #ManipurBurning in Pakistan.

Fatima Ali ‏@FatimaAli52 

Ajit Doval should know that what you sow, so shall you reap #ManipurBurning

Aisha Baloch ‏@AyishaBaloch 

Ajit Doval's evil plans have rebounded back on India and now #ManipurBurning

Aisha Baloch ‏@AyishaBaloch 

Manipur will get its freedom soon. Its only a matter of time #ManipurBurning