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Voters show their voter ID cards as they wait in a queue to cast their vote at a polling booth during the second phase of Manipur Legislative Assembly polls in Manipur on March 8, 2017.IANS

Need to know: 

  • Goa CM Parsekar loses from Mandrem. Congress leading in Goa. 
  • Congress leading in Manipur. 
  • Irom Sharmila to quit politics.  

Here are the live updates: 

7:53 pm IST: BJP wins 21, Congress 28, NPP 4, NPF 4, LJP 1, AITC 1 & Independent 1 in Manipur. 

7:52 pm IST: Results of total 40 seats in Goa declared: Cong wins 17, BJP 13, NCP 1, MGP 3, GFP 3 & Independent 3. 

7:50 pm IST: Naga Peoples Front, that won 4 seats, is likely to support a non-Congress government: Sources.

7:45 pm IST: Party will stake claim if it gets enough support: Manohar Parrikar, BJP on Goa elections. 

7:40 pm IST: AITC won one, BJP won 21, Congress 27 (it is leading in one more), Naga People's Front won 4, and others got 6 seats in Manipur. 

7:30 pm IST: BJP won 13, Congress 17, NCP 1, Maharashtrawadi Gomantak 3, Goa Forward party 3, and Independent candidates won 3 seats in Goa. 

5:59 pm IST: Laxmikant Parsekar submits resignation to Governor from position of Goa CM.

5:03 pm IST: "One is BJP and we've been against them; other is Congress that has a setting with BJP. We will think on alliance partner," said Vijay Sardesia, Goa Forward Party. 

4:55 pm IST: Irom Sharmila to quit politics. Manipur Iron Lady said she campaigned enough and didn't get results, reports said. 

4:02 pm IST: BJP, Congress neck and neck in both Goa and Manipur. In Goa, the BJP has won 12 seats and the Congress 14. In Manipur, the BJP has won 17 while the Congress has 19 seats. The former is a 40-seat assembly while the latter has 60 seats. Both parties are falling short of the half-way mark. 

2:37 pm IST: Congress and BJP contesting neck and neck in Manipur with the former having 14 and the latter 14. Naga People's Front and National People's Party have three each. 

2:35 pm IST: The BJP has won 10, Congress 9, NCP & MGP have one each and an independent has won one in Goa. 

1:04 pm IST:

12:48 pm IST:  Congress wins eight seats in Manipur. BJP wins three. 

12:45 pm IST: BJP wins six seats in Goa, it is leading in two. Congress wins five seats in Goa, it is leading in two. 

11:57 am IST: Congress wins four seats in Manipur. It is leading in nine. 

11:50 am IST: Former Goa CM and Congress leader Pratapsingh Rane wins from Poriem constituency. 

11:42 am IST: Congress wins three seats in Manipur. It is leading in eight seats. BJP wins two and is leading in 10 seats.  

11:29 am IST: BJP and Congress win two seats each in Manipur. Congress leading in 10 more. BJP leading in seven. 

11:27 am IST: BJP wins Mapusa and Maem constituencies in Goa.  

11:23 am IST: Congress wins one seat in Goa so far. It is leading in seven.  

11:11 am IST: AAP CM candidate for Goa Elvis Gomes currently at third position in Cuncolim, Congress first, Independent second.

11:07 am IST: BJP leads two seats in Goa, it is leading in five. Congress wins one seat, it is leading in seven.  

11:00 am IST: BJP wins two seats in Manipur. It has won Uripok and Konthoujam seats. 

10:52 am IST: BJP wins Konthoujam seat in Manipur.

10:46 am IST: "It is an equal fight right now. Let's wait until 2 pm for the result. Voter in each constituency is 30,000 only. Even 500 votes matter," said Prakash Javadekar. 

10:44 am IST: "Corruption-free slogan given in Manipur, we took it to each house," said Prakash Javadekar. 

10:43 am IST: BJP wins Konthoujam seat in Manipur. It is leading in nine more.   

10:38 am IST: Defence minister Manohar Parrikar had won in Goa in 2012 and become the chief minister in Goa. Sitting Chief Minister Parsekar loses in Goa, where Congress is leading. Congress is leading in Punjab as well. 

10:36 am IST: BJP, which has not won any seats in Manipur previously, is in the lead in the state that has been ruled by Congress for 15 years.  

10:30 am IST: Manipur CM Okram Ibobi Singh has won from Thoubal seat.

10:25 am IST: Congress takes a lead in Goa.  

10:08 am IST: Irom Sharmila loses to sitting Congress Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh in Thoubal, Manipur. 

10:01 am IST: Goa CM Parsekar loses from Mandrem constituency.

9:57 am IST: BJP and Congress neck and neck with 10 leads each in Manipur. 

9:17 am IST: Goa CM Laxmikant Parsekar trailing by 1000+ votes, Congress leading from Mandrem.

9:13 am IST: Congress leading in three seats in Manipur. 

8:52 am IST: NPF leading in two in Manipur.

8:49 am IST:  MGP+ is leading in one and Congress in two in Goa. 

8:48 am IST: The Congress is leading on two seats, the BJP on one and Others two in Manipur. The majority mark in the 60-seat assembly is 31.

8:38 am IST: Okram Ibobi Singh leading from Thoubal.

8:25 am IST: Counting for 19 seats of North Goa is taking place in the state capital Panaji while counting for the remaining 21 seats of South Goa is being done in Madgaon. 

8:22 am IST: Counting has begun in the 60-member Assembly of Manipur. 

8:11 am IST: "I do not feel much affected by the result. It depends upon the people's mindset. I don't feel much affected by it, because people can still change their minds and everybody knows muscle and money power is being openly used by parties," Irom Sharmila told ANI. She added that if she loses, she will try again in the national elections in 2019. 

8:00 am IST: Counting of votes has begin in the two states. 

7:50 am IST: "Muscle, money power openly used by parties," said Irom Sharmila about Manipur elections. 

7:15 am IST: BJP's performance will be historic in Manipur, we had won no seat in 2012 and now we are poised to win majority, ANI quotes Ram Madhav. 

6:59 am IST: Heavy security outside a counting centre in Panaji. 

6 am IST: Laxmikant Parsekar was not the chief ministerial face of the Goa BJP when it came to power in the state in 2012. This election will be a test of his bankability as a state leader for the saffron party.

5 am IST: The security has been beefed up in Manipur in anticipation of violence, like the kind that happened before both phases of polls.

4 am IST: Four hours for the counting of Goa and Manipur Assembly election results to start.

On March 11, the counting will decide new governments in Goa and Manipur and also whether the exit polls were correct in their interpretation and analysis. 


Exit poll predictions for Manipur have been conflicting with CVoter saying that the Bharatia Janata Party will win a majority in the state, while India Today's Axis My Poll predicted a Congress victory. However, CNN-News18-Gramener Exit Poll predicted both the parties to be neck and neck.

The Bharatiya Janata Party is leading in Manipur, according to CVoter. It will get 25-31 seats, while Congress will get 17-23 seats, others, including Irom Sharmila's PRJA, will get 9-15 seats.

According to India Today's Axis My India poll, Congress will be forming the government again. Congress is expected to get 30-36 seats, BJP will get 16-22 seats, NPF will get 3-5 and others will get 3-6.

CNN-News18-Gramener Exit Poll said the BJP will win 25 seats in Manipur, while the Congress will win 24. Eleven seats may go to others. The halfway mark in the state is 31.


Various exit polls have indicated that BJP will retain Goa, while some have said that AAP will make a big dent during its first stint in Goa elections. According to Axis Exit Poll, BJP will retain majority in Goa with between 18 and 22 seats. The half-way mark is 21 seats in the 40 seat Assembly. Congress will win between 9 and 13 seats, while AAP will get a maximum of two seats.

Another exit polls agency, C- Voter, predicted a win for BJP in the Goa Assembly Elections 2017 with 15-21 seats. It said Congress will win around 12-18 seats, while AAP may end up with seats in single digits.