Erendro leichombam, praja, manipur assembly election 2017
Erendro Leichombam, Convenor of PRAJA, interacting with people of Manipur during campaigning.Facebook

Irom Sharmila's party's convenor, Erendro Leichombam, who was attacked by unknown assailants on Saturday, the first phase of Manipur Assembly elections 2017, said he was fine except for a cut in his neck.

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He was dragged out of his car and was hit with the Peoples' Resurgence and Justice Alliance (PRJA) flag. He added that he had some bleeding but that has stopped and he did not need stitches. They have filed an FIR.

Leichombam assured his supporters and well-wishers that he was fine through a post on Facebook. 

"Dear friends, I am doing fine. I had a cut in my neck after they dragged me out of my car and hit me with our PRJA flag. I had a little bleeding for a time but it's fine now; no stitches. Fortunately, no broken bones either. I'm totally good now. Please don't worry, I'm absolutely well! We have taken the doctors report and have filed an FIR against these coward gundas.

The incident today confirms the challenges of our struggle. But when they try to pull us down, lets rise higher. Obstacles are signs that we are making progress, that we are advancing. Challenges like this has also brought us together even closer.

Much appreciation for all your support, love, and prayers. Please know that we wouldn't let this go without accountability. We shall fight this legally and destroy gundaism from our beloved homeland. Take care everybody!!" he wrote. 

Leichombam, a 33-year-old who came back to India four years ago after spending a decade studying and working in the US, is a graduate from the Harvard University. He is a former fellow at the World Bank and a former consultant at UNDP.

The PRJA is contesting in three seats in the 60 seat state assembly. This is the first time they are contesting elections. Irom Sharmila will be contesting against incumbent Manipur Chief Minister Okrom Ibobi in Thoubal constituency.