It is said that movies reflect the society, and it's this medium that Ningthouja Lancha, one of the youngest and prolific Manipuri filmmakers, employs to portray the internal-crisis in Manipur.

Addressing a gathering at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore Saturday, the filmmaker and screenplay writer of the critically acclaimed Manipuri film "Mami Sami" (Blurred Shadow, 2008), said "the prevailing armed conflict in the state traumatizes the people of Manipur."

Ningthouja Lancha
Manipuri filmmaker Ningthouja Lancha, (Photo-IBTimes India)

Speaking about the film, which was screened in the city as part of the two-day cultural event, Lancha said, "The film is a metaphor of the present situation in the state, where civilian are the victims of the discord between the Indian government and insurgency groups in Manipur."

Calling the people of Manipur to "retrospect" on the present dire situation in Manipur, the filmmaker added: "It's time to rethink about the armed and social conflict."

"Mami Sami" is a full length feature film based on the present Manipur armed conflict and internal social turmoil.

Lancha said, "The solution to the crisis is left to the audience and the people of Manipur at large."

In a question asked by an audience about the technology used by Manipuri filmmakers, the director replied, "We are trying to find out certain possibilities with latest technology available in the market and to maintain par with other industries."

Pointing out the advent of digital cinema as a "boon", Lancha said that, "it enables us to produce films at a shoestring budget within a span of few months."

The industry produces around 60 films in a year and in 2007, a record 200 films were produced.

Lancha, who trained under Earnest Gusella and Tomiyo Sasaki of Full Bright Academy in the U.S., is a multifaceted film personality. Apart from directing films, he is involved in the production of various documentaries and telefilms based on the social issues.

"Nongdi Tarak-Khidare", "Elisa Amagi Mahao," and "Masangthel-Gee Man" are some his critically acclaimed works.