Manipal Hospitals
Dr. Sudarshan Ballal, Chairman Manipal Hospitals, Dr Vasan SS, Chairman of Manipal Fertility, Dr Nagendra Swamy, Group Medical Director, Manipal Hospitals, Ms Lara Dutta, Bollywood star, Dr Ajay Bakshi, MD & CEO , Manipal Health Enterprises, Dr (Capt) Sandeep Sharma, Managing Director & CEO, Manipal Fertility, pose for a picture at the launch of Manipal fertility.ManipalHospitals

Manipal Hospitals on Thursday announced that it will open a chain of fertility clinics in India to address conception-related issues of couples. The proposed investment would be about Rs 100 crore. 

"India has four times as many infertility patients compared to the United States and male infertility is on the rise reaching almost 50 percent, largely impacted by lifestyle changes, high stress levels, lack of physical exercise, and environmental pollution to name a few," Dr Vasan S S, chairman of Manipal Fertility, told reporters at a press conference in Bengaluru.

"While our objective is to grow in numbers, our aim is to also reach out to as many people and offer the best-in-class treatment with the right mix of technology," he added.

Dr (Captain) Sandeep Sharma, MD and CEO of Manipal Fertility, said Manipal Hospitals conducted a survey across seven cities in five states where they spoke to patients, their relatives and parents of who had successfully undergone infertility treatment.

Studies reveal that 10 percent of the general population suffers from some form of infertility.

The overall consensus was that the couples did not want to be considered as sick patients since it was only a dysfunction and not disease. "With the availability of right treatment and latest technology, coupled with a little patience and compassion, conception is no longer a problem." Sharma said. 

Over the next five years, Manipal Fertility plans to have 45 such centres. "Through organic and inorganic growth, the company aims to generate revenues of about Rs 44-45 crore this year," Dr Sandeep Sharma told International Business Times, India edition.

In addition to providing infertility treatment solutions to couples, the hospital chain is planning to tie- up with Bajaj Finance to enable couples pay medical bills. 

Hindi film actress Lara Dutta was also present on the occasion.