Even during such tumultuous and testing times when the world is fighting the coronavirus pandemic and people are being told to maintain personal hygiene and not spit in public, people still seem to care two hoots. Two Vietnamese nationals were booked for spitting in a lift of a building in Mangaluru in Karnataka.

The Mangalore Police has registered an FIR against the two people as they spit on the panel of an apartment lift. People staying in the apartment noticed that someone had spit on the phone panel in the elevator and they complained about the matter. The police investigated the matter and arrested the two.

Two Vietnamese nationals spotted in an apartment lift in Mangaluru. ANI

The foreign nationals were under home quarantine in Kodailbail. They, along with their three roommates have been sent to a quarantine facility.

The police searched the CCTV footage after receiving the complaint. In the footage, a Vietnamese citizen is seen spitting on the panel. The police immediately arrested them and took them to a quarantine centre.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had extended the lockdown to May 3 due to the coronavirus scare. Though India is seemingly doing better than many other developed countries the police and administration is facing scores of such problems on a daily basis.

MHA guidelines restrict spitting in public places

Medial staff on coronavirus duty
Medial staff on coronavirus duty

The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a guideline to deal with coronavirus and it is forbidden to spit in public places all over the country. If someone is found doing so, he may have to pay a severe penalty. The guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs also state that masks are mandatory in public places.

About 991 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in the last 24 hours taking the total number to 14,378. So far 480 people have died in the country from Covid-19. However, there is some relief that 1,992 patients have recovered and have gone home. At the same time, 243 have been cured in the last 24 hours.

The coronavirus was first reported in Wuhan in China. It eventually spread all over the world killing thousands.