The chorus for action against BJP leader and animal rights activist Maneka Gandhi is growing after an alleged audio clip of her threatening a man with a false case of molestation has surfaced on the internet.

According to an audio clip doing rounds on the internet, Maneka Gandhi could allegedly be heard scolding one Ramalingam and threatening him with molestation case apparently after the man hit a stray dog.

Maneka Gandhi seemed to be infuriated with the man and called him a drunkard and a compulsive liar for hitting the animal. The man can be heard pleading her to hear his side of the story as well but she gives no impression of acknowledgement to his version of the episode.

Maneka Gandhi
Pictured: Animal rights activist and BJP leader Maneka Gandhi.IANS File Photo

Maneka Gandhi accused of abusing power

And that is what has piqued her detractors who are accusing her of abusing her power to file a false case against an innocent man. They are demanding her resignation and asking her political party, BJP, to sack her.

As one goes on to hear the entire audio, the man can be heard explaining to Maneka Gandhi, an animal rights activist, that the dog had bit his daughter and it was out of self-preservation that he pushed the dog away. Maneka Gandhi, however, refuses to believe his version and goes on to say that he has a record of abusing animals to which the man objected and refused to accept the allegation.

Maneka Gandhi
Maneka GandhiIANS

Those criticising Maneka Gandhi for threatening the man with a false case say that it is an example of how some women wrongly accuse men of sexual molestation if they are crossed or when they do not get their way.

Cases of misuse

Other audio clips of women discussing falsely accusing men of molestation have also been posted on Twitter to show how some innocent men get onto the wrong side of the law on the basis of unfounded accusations.