In a viral video that has been making the rounds on the internet and social media, a woman PSI is seen slapping a girl over a parking dispute. The video shows argument ensued between the girl and a female police sub-inspector. It is not clear what led to the dispute, but reports suggest the girl was stopped for not wearing a helmet while riding.

The incident took place at Besagarahalli Ramanna Circle in Mandya, a city in Karnataka located about 100 kilometers from Bengaluru last week. The PSI has been identified as Savita Gowda Patil. As the incident's video went viral, it has reported to the Deputy SP Mandya sub-division. The officers are advised to act with civility with the public.

Woman PSI slaps girl in Mandya

"Mandya District Police have already reported to the DySP Mandya sub-division on a traffic violation between a young woman and a woman PSI on Noorudi Road in Mandya city. All the police officers in the district have been instructed to act with civility in the public, and the public has also been requested to cooperate with the police in the matter of law and order," Mandya Police said in a statement.

What was the dispute about?

The conflict between the young woman and woman PSI happened during a vehicle inspection. The girl was asked by the PSI to get off the bike, to which she refused. The officer then asked for her name and asked her to call her father. Later, the officer suggested the woman come to the station, post which they both started arguing, TV9 Kannada news reported.

Karnataka State Police
Karnataka State Police

As the argument heated, the woman PSI slapped the young woman. Enraged by the officer's action, the woman can be heard asking what right she has to slap a citizen. The vehicle was confiscated and taken to the police station.

All of this was captured on camera by the police and the video has gone viral, drawing criticism towards the actions of the PSI.