Manchester United reached the FA Cup final thanks to a dramatic winner by Frenchman Anthony Martial in the 93rd minute of the game against Everton at Wembley Stadium on Saturday. Martial was the best player on the pitch, and deserved the goal.

Wayne Rooney looked brilliant in the opening minutes of the game, as Manchester United were threatening to take early lead. However, Everton also had their share of chances in the first 20 minutes.

United took lead with Marouane Fellani's close-range goal in the 33rd minute. They dominated the first half and deserved to head into their dressing room after the first 45 minutes with the lead. 

Everton had a golden chance to come back into the game as they were awarded a penalty in the 56th minute, but United goalie David de Gea saved Romelu Lukakau's strike beautifully to hold on to their lead. It was an off day for Lukaku, who missed some other chances at goal as well. However, Everton looked brilliant in the opening exchanges in the second half.

With such pressure, Everton drew the score level as Chris Smalling scored an own goal in the 74th minute. Both teams were going for the win, which made for entertaining viewing at Wembley. Everton were playing some great counter-attacking football, but failing to find the back of the net.

And when one thought the game would go to extra-time, Martial scored a wonderful goal in the 93rd minute, which won the game for United.

United manager Louis van Gaal praised the striker, and said he felt the player could improve further.

"He has had an excellent first season in England and he can only get better with age and experience. He can improve further, I can see things in his game that he can work on, but the best way to improve is to play at a higher level and that is what he is doing. Marcus Rashford is the same. He is doing a good job in the striker's position and it means Wayne Rooney can contribute more from midfield," the Guardian quoted van Gaal as saying.