If the impressive first half performance in the 0-0 draw against Chelsea is enough for a stay of execution for Louis Van Gaal, we'll know in a while, but the Manchester United manager made it clear in no uncertain terms that he plans to stick around, while also admitting if "Jose Mourinho [can be sacked], it can happen to me."

Manchester United were infinitely better from an attacking point of view in the English Premier League game against Chelsea at Old Trafford on Monday, with the home team only denied a goal or three thanks to one incredible save from Thibaut Courtois and a couple of strikes that decided to hit the woodwork instead of the back of the net.

While Chelsea also had enough chances to win the match, Manchester United were much the better side in the match and deserved a victory.

When questioned about his future as Manchester United manager, Van Gaal blamed the media for putting on a campaign to try and oust him from the post.

"I have said in all my press conferences, they are asking all the time: 'Are you concerned that maybe they sack you?' Of course I am concerned but I am more concerned to prepare my players," Van Gaal said.

"Then I read things in the press. They are lies, not based on facts. They are the reasons I walk away in a press conference and not angrily. No, I walk with quietness because I want to make my point.

"For me, it is not an interesting subject because I cannot have any influence on that, I can only work with my players and you can see they are fighting for me. Even after this result the fans were applauding so I cannot say I'm very much concerned.

"In this football world you never know but I'm fully confident in the board and my players. Will I resign? On the contrary. When the players can give such a performance with a lot of pressure, there is not any reason to resign for me.

"Maybe the media wants me to but I shall not resign. It's not a question of staying. It's a question of fulfilling my contract."

While the performance was a whole lot better it does not change the fact that Manchester United look like a pale shadow of their former selves. They currently lie five points adrift of the top four positions, and as much as Van Gaal might want to put on a show of strength, even he knows if results do not improve considerably, his time as Manchester United manager will be up.

"I have said to Dutch TV that Manchester United has a lot of confidence in his manager and I have received that not in every club," Van Gaal added.

"But, of course, I know that there are circumstances that the board has to decide to sack the manager and I am looking always from my point of view and that can be not the right view and in this crazy football world that can happen every day, also with me.

"When it happens to Jose Mourinho, then it can happen with me."

Mourinho, of course, is the favourite to take over from Van Gaal if the board do decide to sack the Dutchman, but the former Bayern Munich manager believes the fans are on his side, even if there were Mourinho scarves being sold outside the stadium prior to the start if the Manchester United vs Chelsea match.

"They [the fans] applauded the players, I presume, and they were enthusiastic," Van Gaal said when asked about the atmosphere at Old Trafford. "Of course, a lot of fans are disappointed because we need a win -- I know that, the players know that, every member of staff knows that, the board knows that, even you know that.

"People are still applauding – not everyone, I have seen that also – but most of them. The most important thing is the players can do what they have done [against Chelsea], then the fans can be satisfied."