Wayne Rooney
Arsenal shareholder Alisher Usmanov would love to see Wayne Rooney at the Emirates. (Reuters)

Amid rumours that he would leave Old Trafford after nine years, England striker Wayne Rooney reportedly met Manchester United's new coach David Moyes secretly to discuss his future in the club.

The 27-year-old footballer has been linked to a few big clubs - Arsenal, Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain, ever since reports surfaced that he had placed a transfer request to Sir Alex Ferguson after being sidelined in Manchester United following Robin van Persie's signing last season.

Rooney, during his meeting with Moyes, expressed his anger over Ferguson's claims that he had handed in a transfer request, reported The Sun.

"There is little doubt the new boss wants to keep Wayne. Any suggestions the two don't get on is complete rubbish. It was an amicable meeting but it gave Wayne the chance to get a lot of things off his chest. He's always denied handing in a transfer request and like all top players, he was upset to be dropped, especially for the Real Madrid match," an insider told The Sun. 

Meanwhile, England coach Gary Neville has advised Rooney not to leave Manchester United.

"I played with Wayne Rooney for many, many years. He's a fantastic football player. I've seen David Beckham, and other big players, leave Man United and it really is something that comes down to the individual and the club," Neville told Talksport. 

"I've seen Ryan Giggs at 27-years-old get linked to Inter Milan, Juventus and AC Milan and stay. I've seen David Beckham get linked to Barcelona and Real Madrid and leave. I've seen both ways succeed. Personally, with my allegiances, I would never recommend anyone leave Manchester United because I believe it to be a great stage to play football and you can achieve what you want there."

The England striker, who still has two more years left with Old Trafford in his current deal, has always had the Nou Camp as his No 1 choice if he was ever to leave Manchester United, according to The Sun. He has also been linked to Real Madrid for a reported swap with Cristiano Ronaldo, and a £25 million deal with Arsenal.