Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool constitute the top three clubs in the list of most-hated Premier League clubs, a survey conducted by a media outlet has revealed.  

The Red Devils are the most-hated, followed by the Blues, and the Reds, in that order.

The survey was conducted by the British daily Mirror, which asked fans of each Premier League club to vote for their most disliked top flight side.

Interestingly, Arsenal are the least disliked among the six English top flight clubs, which also includes Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur.

While City occupy the fourth position, Arsenal's North London rivals Spurs are disliked more than the Gunners.

The publication's survey said they gave equal weightage to views of fans of every Premier League club to come up with the conclusions and the overall table was also kept fair, "no matter how many voted".

As expected, the survey hasn't been well received by Old Trafford loyalists, but fans reverted with sarcasm while posting their comments:

MH1 wrote: "With no doubt they are. The most successful are the most hated. GGMU"

Newly-promoted Premier League side Bournemouth, are the least hated club, followed by Southampton and Swansea.

Newcastle, who have a fair share of mixed fans, are at No. 8 position in the most-hated list, just behind Stoke City.

The 20-time Premier League winners are undoubtedly one of the most distinguished clubs in the history of the English league and it is not unusual that a great club like Manchester United are receving their share of attention repeatedly. A user has pointed out exactly this in his comment: "Hated, adored, never ignored."