Louis van Gaal
Manchester United boss Van Gaal will be desperate to beat Liverpool and maintain his side's fourth place in the Premier LeagueReuters

Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal insists that his players need to remain calm during their clash against Liverpool so that their players don't get sent off.

Historically, after the Merseyside derby, the clash between the two sides has seen the most number of bookings and red cards than any other fixture in the Premier League.

So far 15 players have been sent off during clashes between these two sides since the start of the competition in 1992. Although no one was sent off during the encounter at Old Trafford earlier this season, tempers are likely to flare in the upcoming clash at Anfield on Sunday as the stakes will be much higher this time around.

And Van Gaal has revealed that he has been discussing the games very seriously in training to help his players control their temper.

"I am the referee in the games that we have had in the training pitch and I have whistled at the way that they have to control their aggression, for example - to prepare already the atmosphere (sic). And I have mentioned that to them after lunch. Control of emotion is also a talent," said the Dutchman, according to ESPN.

Although van Gaal feels his players were excellent during their convincing 3-0 win against Tottenham in the last fixture, he insists that they need to be even better to beat Liverpool at Anfield, where the Red Devils do not have a very good record.

"We played very good in the first half and it was also good to have an evaluation that is very positive," the Dutchman said.

"It's also good for the players. But it says nothing when you lose the next match."

"But the next match is against Liverpool and Liverpool is not the ground that Manchester United has won a lot (at), so when we show it again in Liverpool then we are a little bit further (along), I believe."

Meanwhile the former Barcelona boss refused to reveal whether Angel Di Maria would be brought back into the squad following his suspension that kept him out of the Spurs game.

"I am always looking to the match but also to the training sessions and to the momentum as a lot of people are saying, but you have to decide if you continue or not and I cannot say it now," he added.