Manchester United
Manchester United season-ticket holders face a one-game ban if they do not buy tickets for the Red Devils' FA Cup replay fixture against Cambridge United on 4 FebruaryReuters

Manchester United have issued a warning to all their season-ticket holders saying that they will be banned for the Red Devils' Premier League fixture against Sunderland on 28 February if they fail to buy a ticket for their side's fourth round FA Cup replay against Cambridge United on 4 February.

"The deadline to buy your seat for Cambridge United is 8pm tonight. Please note that not buying this ticket will result in your Season Ticket being suspended for the Sunderland game," read a letter sent to season-ticket holders, according to the Guardian.

United have come under heavy criticism for forcing their fans to buy tickets for the FA Cup replay as many cannot attend the game on such short notice due to their work and other commitments.

"They are threatening the Sunderland game," a supporter told the Guardian. "I – like many others – cannot attend the replay at such short notice, due to work commitments."

But a spokesperson from the United stated that all the season-ticket holders have already been notified that they will be banned for the next game if they fail to "pay for a game in the cup."

"We did notify fans that failure to pay for a game in the cup scheme would mean a suspension from the next game. We have consistently done this throughout this season."

"The terms and conditions are clear: 'In respect of each home cup match for which the ticket holder fails to provide valid payment card details or for which the ticket holder's card or payment is declined, the ticket holder's season ticket may be suspended for one home league match. This measure was introduced [two seasons ago]."

The spokesperson, however, added that the season-ticket holders can apply for a refund at the end of the season if their ticket gets sold to someone else.

"If we successfully sell the ticket the fan has failed to pay for, they can apply for a refund of the Sunderland ticket at the end of the season."