Chris Smalling believes that Manchester United have always been soft targets for critics whenever there are any minor lapses. The centre-back also said that it was crucial for the team to keep the detractors quiet post the confident win against Burnley, as their campaign did not get off to an entirely bright start this season.

United were asked many questions as they suffered back-to-back defeats against Brighton and Tottenham and the position of manager Jose Mourinho had come under the scanner. 

'It's not very often we go into games after two defeats'

Chris Smalling
Chris Smalling and Paul PogbaGetty Images

"United is an easy topic of conversation for all fans and it's not often that we go into games off the back of two defeats," Smalling said.

He further added that the players stepped up when it mattered and got a result which was crucial for the team and this has made them quite happy in the dressing room. 

Speaking about the game, Smalling said that he was happy with the number of chances they could make and now they should focus on converting them into more goals.

"We had a lot of chances in both halves and if it had been five or six I don't think anyone could have argued. The good thing is we're getting those chances, similar to the last game, and hopefully, we can continue to score them," he said.

United have a gap of one week and this gives them the chance to work on different patterns of play and according to Smalling, this could well result in more goals in the upcoming fixtures. 

Echoing this sentiment was Marouane Fellaini who believes that everything is possible in the Premier League and he has complete faith in Manchester United's ability. 

After a jittery start, Manchester United finally got a shot in the arm with the win against Burnley and now have an opportunity to build on as there is a break owing to an international break. Their next match is against Watford on September 15.