Suicide bomber
A screenshot from the video.Screenshot

In a world that is wary of terrorism and still recovering from the aftermath of the Manchester Arena terrorist attack, a video involving a suicide bomber is going viral in the Middle-East. It shows what happens when people try to dissuade the suicide bomber by singing of love and compassion — two things that are promulgated the most in the holy Islamic month of Ramadan, which is currently underway. 

The three-minute-11-second video was posted on YouTube on Friday, May 26, and has already garnered close to 2.8 million views, with the count rising steadily. The video is actually an advertisement from Kuwait-based mobile telecom firm Zain, and is believed to be intended for the Ramadan season. 

What the video shows

The video begins with visuals of a man who seems to be preparing a bomb, interspersed with visuals of people looking to go about their work on any normal day. He boards an apparently destroyed bus, which seems populated by victims of terror attacks, and as he sings to Allah, the others also sing to the god for love and peace. 

The video prominently features United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based singer and songwriter Hussain Al Jasmi, who leads people — normal as well as apparent victims of terrorism — while trying to convince the suicide bomber to shun hate and violence. In the end, the perpetrator seems to press the button that detonates the bomb, but instead the video cuts to scenes of celebration with people showering affection on their loved ones. 

Suicide bomber
Another screenshot from the video.Screenshot

Why its going viral

Terrorist attacks carried out by Muslims have led to several deaths across the world and over the years. They have also resulted in possibly the largest exodus of people since World War II, with people moving from Middle-Eastern countries to Europe and the Americas. This exodus has also resulted in fears that terrorists might enter the host countries along with Muslims who are leaving their homeland. 

There are also instances of radical Muslims perpetrating terror attacks in Muslim countries as well, something the video references: It shows terrorist attacks in Kuwait, Amman in Jordan and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. and at the end of the video, as people celebrate together, it shows the survivors of these attacks, bringing hope and happiness at the time of Ramadan.

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