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A man from Wales became the butt of people's jokes after he got his penis stuck in a steel spanner so tightly that even doctors failed to remove it and firefighters had to be called to the rescue. 

The man was taken to the A&E hospital in Newport, South Wales, on February 22. The steel ring spanner got so tightly stuck on his genitals that the hospital staff had to call the emergency service. Luckily for the man, the South Wales Fire and Rescue crew were on hand to help him, according to the Metro. The team helped the A&E workers remove the spanner by using some cutting equipment.

Then, to the man's humiliation, the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service crew shared the entire story on social media. They tweeted the details of the painful incident accompanied by a gif of Jim Carrey screaming.

"If you're using tools, make sure you're handling as the manufacturer recommends. Crews from Maindee and Malpas had to release a steel ring spanner from a man who took tightening nuts to a new level earlier," the fire service team wrote.

The South Wales Fire and Rescue Service deleted the story shortly after, with no further explanation.

People on social media, however, could not resist cracking jokes and simply added to the man's humiliation.

One user wrote: "What a tool."

Another said: "That certainly put a spanner in the works."

Another user commented: "Dare I ask what size ring spanner?"

And another asked the most obvious question: "How did... I mean what was he... actually, never mind - I'm eating!"