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Many a time we stumble across an old voucher or unused ticket while cleaning up, but we just throw them in the bin as they are mostly expired. But ever tried to give a shot in the dark? This man has.

John Walker found an old unused plane ticket after 19 years. However, he decided to try his luck. He bought the ticket to attend his brother-in-law's wedding in January 1999 but couldn't attend the event, reports WFMY2.

At that time, he tried to get a refund for the ticket but the company United Airlines sent him a letter saying that it was non-refundable, but the value could be put to use towards a future flight. As he did not have any immediate plans to fly at that time, he kept the ticket and letter from the airlines safe and completely forgot about it only to discover it 19 years later, under his bed.  

The ticket booked from Nashville to Sacramento was issued on December 31, 1998.

Walker found an old box full of documents in which he stumbled upon the ticket as well the letter from the company. He called up the company's customer service hotline. The agent on the line was apparently perplexed, and the call was passed around several departments as nobody knew what to be done with a nearly two-decade-old ticket. 

John Walker, at last, messaged the company via Twitter and got a positive response within a few days. He was informed that the original company United went bust in 2002, all debts and vouchers were discharged and therefore the letter was no longer binding.

However, they decided to allow him to use the ticket anyway because it was a rare case.