Narendra Modi
PM Narendra Modi infront of Mahatma Gandhi's statue in front of the Indian Embassy in Washington. [Representational Image]Reuters File

In a first, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to radio to reach out to the masses and address a few of things close to his heart.

The PM's 'Man ki Baat' speech hit the airwaves on 3 October. The message delivered by Modi on the occasion of Dussehra was telecast live by All India Radio (AIR).

The state-owned Doordarshan (DD) channels will broadcast the message at night. The audio podcast of the show can be heard on News On Air.

In the radio message telecast at 11 am, Prime Minister Modi called on the citizens to be a part of the country's development journey as the nation belongs to them.

Everyone should join hands with the government to take the country to new heights, the PM pointed out.

Emphasising the need for using Khadi products, Modi impressed up on the people to use at least one Khadi product - be it a handkerchief or even a bedsheet - as a mark of respect to Mahatma Gandhi.

"It will benefit the poor and light the lamp of prosperity in their life," the PM stated in his address.

Modi also promised to make the radio broadcast a regular affair at least once or twice a month on Sundays at 11 am.

In his 15-minute address, the PM urged the people to recognise their capabilities and use them for the betterment of the nation.

"You know, our scientists have undertaken the Mars Mission successfully at minimum expenses. There is nothing lacking in our capabilities. We only have forgotten our strengths. We have forgotten ourselves as if we have become despondent. My brothers and sisters, this cannot be," he stressed

Modi also used the opportunity to convey his Vijayadashmi greetings to the people, and urged them to take a pledge to spread the message of cleanliness.

"Let us pledge to affirm to remove dirt. Yesterday we began the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and I want you all to join this Abhiyaan," the PM said.

Regional language versions of 'Man ki Baat' will be broadcast on AIR networks at 8 pm.

Doordarshan (DD) news bulletin in English at 8 pm, DD Sports news bulletin at 8.05 pm and Samachar Darshan on AIR at 8.20 pm will also broadcast Modi's speech.

Read the entire radio message in Hindi here.