Japery is the last thing on police's mind at a time when the number of cases in India has crossed the 1000 mark. It has to be clear to everyone that nobody takes the district administration and the police for a ride during such testing times. With the police tightening noose around such people; District magistrate of Rampur in Uttar Pradesh Aujenya Kumar tweeted about a man who kept calling the district's control room and demanding four samosas with chutney.

According to the official's statement, the man was calling the police control room repeatedly for which he got several warnings. The DM took the matter into his hands and a police team took the samosas to the man but along with it also came the price that the man had to pay for relishing the samosas.

DM's Tweet

Samosas for a hefty price

As a punishment for what the man did; he was made to clean a local drain. The official also shared a photo showing the man serving his punishment. There were many people who replied to the Tweet saying that the punishment was well deserved.

SamosaWikimedia Commons

In order to help citizens, the UP government has set up control rooms across the state. Yet, there are always and everywhere a certain bunch of people, who like to indulge in buffoonery.

The police have been warning such people and taking stringent actions that mostly involve cleaning up different localities. In a similar incident, a man tried ordering pizza from the police helpline number. He too faced a similar fate and cleaned a local drain.

The police stated that they are getting calls for cigarettes, disprins, etc. and all of these offenders are cleaning drains or streets.

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The 21-day lockdown has led to everything being shut down from restaurants to shops to almost everything except shops selling essential items. The police and the district administration are working tirelessly around the clock for ensuring that the lockdown is not violated.

India has over 1000 positive cases of COVID-19 and the Prime Minister has urged everyone to stay indoors for breaking the chain of the infections and flattening the curve.