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Ranveer SinghSUJIT JAISWAL/AFP/Getty Images

A person on social media accused Ranveer Singh of misbehaving with him in front of his family. The man posted a video that shows Ranveer from his moving car yelling at the former, who is also driving.

The man posted the video in the comments section of one of the pictures shared by Ranveer on Twitter. In the caption, he accused the Simmba actor of abusing him verbally while he was driving the car along with his mother and sister.

"Baat karne ki tameez nahi tum jaise insaan ko ye bhi nahi pata ki kisi ki maa bahan ke saamne itni gaali kon deta hai pagal insaan agar yahi attitude raha to jaldi hi sadak par aa jayega pahle loge se baat karne ki tameez seekh phir hero bannaa flop actor (People like you don't know basic courtesy. Who uses so many slangs in front of mothers and sisters? This mad person will soon lose everything if this attitude remains. First learn how to talk to people, then become a hero)," the man said in the caption of the video.

Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone
Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone spotted at Mumbai airport walking hand-in-hand after returning from secret US trip.Varinder Chawla

While Ranveer did not respond to the man's tweet, the actor's fans lashed out at him for apparently rash driving, and then making such accusations on the star. According to Pinkvilla, the man tried to overtake Ranveer's car very dangerously, almost causing an accident, which made the actor lose his temper.

Although the video received good number of likes and retweets, most of the people on social media counter attacked the man, saying that it was wrong on his part to rash drive, and Ranveer did not use any curse word.

Earlier, a female fan in USA had accused Deepika Padukone and Ranveer of misbehaving with her when she tried to record their video walking hand in hand. While some had supported the fan, some others had blamed her for recording them without their permission.