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Rating: 4.5

The much-awaited Mammotty film, "Varsham", offers what has been promised by the director. It is a change from the usual movies that has been offered recently to Malayalam cinephiles.

The film is definitely a family drama, but not an entertainer that puts you through a lot of twists or turns. It neither has soap opera moments nor vivid dance and music. Instead, the director takes you through heart-warming moments of emotions.

The story of "Varsham" revolves around Venu, who runs a private money-lending company, "Anand Finance", which is named after his only son. He leads a satisfied life of a typical upper class family man with all possible luxuries. Venu is a scrupulous person when it comes to money and has all complexes of an ambitious father figure. Like other Ranjith Sankar movie protagonists, Venu too is individualist in terms of his judgments and attitudes.

Venu in a way is blind to others around him other than his family. His only son is the apple of his eye and has huge expectations over him. The egoistic father in him expects only the best from his son.

But one incident changes his attitude towards life. The film then portrays Venu's struggle to come in terms with things around him and how he copes to move ahead in his life amidst his complex thoughts and composite society he lives in.

The director must be applauded for exploring the possibilities of human life and psyche. After a point of time, the film raises itself as a reflection of the society by an average Malayalee and his concerns of leading a life. The makers have made a conscious effort to convey the desired message and concept through some light-hearted dialogues and satirical situations.

As Ranjith said before, the USP of the movie is definitely the performance by the actors and the casting of the movie requires a special mention. Mammootty has carried the whole film on his shoulders with his impeccable perfection in acting. He makes sure that the character of Venu is given the right dose of emotions and histrionics to make him look convincible.

In terms of screen space, Asha Sarath has given tough competition to Mammootty. The actress again had made her character memorable and excels as an envious wife and mother. Parjwal, who plays the role of Anand, the couple's only son justifies his directors' choice.

TG Ravi reminds of the quote on vintage wines which turns stronger day by day. The veteran actor proves that there is more in him that is yet to be explored and tasted.

Harish Perady's screen presence in the role of Venu's elder brother is highly remarkable. Mamtha Mohandas too has justified her character.

Santhosh Kezhattoor and Irshad have made sure that they have a safe future in doing character roles. Sajitha Madathil, Sarayu, Sunil Sughatha, Sudheer Karaman and Govind Padmasoorya justify their roles with excellence.

The script of the film doesn't have great highs or lows, but is beautifully peppered with emotions that carry the feel of the movie till the end.

As the title "Varsham" suggests, the script has a feel of rain that can cleanse one's soul but the nature of the script is more like a poetical melancholy drizzle than a ravishing heavy thunderous rain.

The cinematography and editing of the film make sure that the momentum and the mood of the film is not lost. They have helped to add the involvement of viewers in to the movie. The costumes and make-up adds to the originality of the characters and blurs line between reality and fiction.

The sound department of the movie has also done a commendable job. The music composed by Bijibal adds charm to the mood of the movie and lyrics of the songs compliments the storyline of the movie.

Over all, "Varsham" is a movie worth investing your time and money. The makers have made an honest approach to make the film a pleasing one to watch, and the director, the cast and the crew deserves appreciation for bringing out something worth watching.