Despite new Malayalam releases, megastar Mammootty's hit family film "Pathemari" has been making tremendous business at the Kerala box office even after 13 days of its theatrical run.

The release of the film had got delayed many times on alleged plagiarism issues and was later released garnering with no negative reviews. However, the film, which tells the real life story of struggling Malayalis in Dubai, is reportedly in trouble again for defaming the character Lanchi Velayudhan, played by Siddique.

Reports suggest that the film has defamed the the real life Velayudhan, who hailed from Thrissur, Kerala. He was also known as Lanchi Velayudhan; he owned a sloop and used to help youngsters reach Gulf countries in the early 80s. Velayudhan passed away in 2005.

At a recent press meet, Velayudhan's sons -- CV Baimini and CV Dhanesh -- asked director Salim Ahamed to remove the scenes towards the end of the film that show the character of Siddique as a mentally unstable person.

However, the director has responded to it, saying all the characters in the film are fictitious and Velayudhan was portrayed as a mentally unstable person to uplift humanity.

Meanwhile, by garnering good reviews from critics and the audience alike, "Pathemari" has helped Mammootty regain his position.