MAMAMOO's Hwasa is well known for wearing raunchy outfitsFacebook/RBW.MAMAMOO

Hwasa of K-pop pop vocal quartet Mamamoo is well known for wearing skin-tight and revealing clothes during her performances. The 23-year-old artist has now responded to the criticisms regarding her choice of outfits.

During an episode of SBS' We Will Channel You, comedian Yang Se Hyung said: "People say it's (the outfits are) only possible because it is Hwa Sa." 

Hwasa responded: "I saw a comment stating I took off clothes for fame. I was just being me so I was startled after coming across such comment."

"Overseas, they wear stickers instead of a bra when wearing a see-through top. I was also shocked after seeing that, so I got to reflect on myself and came to understand the malicious comments," she added.

Adding on, she also dished about her love life. She said: "There was this guy I loved. He gave me a lot of love, and it was so pure. But as time went on, while I was working, I became distant from him. So I wondered, 'Why are you only breathing for me? You're a fool.' But it turned out I was the fool."

"He was my first and last man," she added. "We first met in winter. I followed him around for a year, but he refused me. Then after we started dating, he fell for me."

"It was a love story in Seoul. If I wanted to eat something, he would bring it to me, even if it was 5 a.m. Even if he was sleeping, he would come to me. He was so consistent. I thought that's what all the men in the world were like," Hwasa went on.

The Twit singer also talked about her ideal type. She said: "When I was younger, I liked someone who was gentle. However, that's just a fantasy. Now I like naive men. That's what my dad is like. He has no greed, and he's very naive. He loves me the way I am, and he likes to share."