Infants consuming milk
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The parents of infants in Malaysia are on high alert after news about fake baby milk products started doing the rounds online. Social media pages are getting flooded with shocking tales of encounter with counterfeit infant formula powders.

Recently, the mother of a baby boy said through a Facebook post that her child was rushed to the hospital after consuming fake baby milk. Here's how she described the incident:

During the night of the incident, I was wiping his backside and changing his diapers when I discovered the diapers were covered in blood. His body temperature rose to 39.4 degree Celsius and I fed him some fever medicine.

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Soon, the baby boy was admitted in hospital and he was diagnosed with intestinal inflammation. "The doctors were worried that the friction between the intestines was the reason why the baby had blood in his stool, and they were even looking at the possibility of performing a surgery on the baby," the mother explained.

But after thorough check up, the doctors came to a conclusion that the baby boy does not need to go under the knife. "The next day, the doctor asked me if my baby drinks Enfalac. I said yes. The doctor stared at me with his eyes wide open. He asked if I knew what was going on with the recent counterfeit milk powder issue and again I said yes," the mother stated in her Facebook post.

A similar incident was shared online by the father of a baby girl named Koh. He said that his child suffered from fever after consuming the fake baby milk formula, reported World Of Buzz.

"My wife, who is an active Facebook user, encountered the news on social media. Knowing that we have been using this brand all this while, we started to question whether we have been feeding our baby with a counterfeit version," the 32-year-old man said.

Describing the after effects of consuming fake baby milk product, Koh said, "There were red spots everywhere on her body, on her face, hands and even her back. The doctor prescribed some antibiotics and supplements before her condition gradually improved."

"I'm not here to point fingers at the company or the retailer. I just want to tell the parents out there to be more careful when buying formula milk," he added.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian authorities have seized over 200 boxes of suspected fake infant formula milk from convenience stores and pharmacies for investigation.

"We will name and shame whoever is behind this," BBC quoted Minister Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainuddin as saying.