Malaysia's Human resource ministry has announced the recruitment of 40,000 housewives as a part of the 1Malaysia Support for Housewives Programme.

The government also plans to employ 7000 individuals under the Azam Khera programme in an attempt to eradicate poverty and achieve the high income vision of the state.

Minister Datuk Richard Riot revealed that in May alone 27,131 housewives have registered for the programme and have been provided with employment by JobsMalaysia.

Speaking on the occasion of inauguration of the employment programmes on Saturday, Riot said, "The 1Malaysia Support for Housewives Programme reaches out to housewives, single mothers, OKU (disabled) women and other needy women to help their families make extra income," reported The Borneo Post  

"We understand that it is challenging for housewives to work as they have to take care of children and domestic chores. Nevertheless, there are jobs suitable for housewives who have the time."

"Here we introduce the concept of home working whereby they can go into sewing, producing handicraft or food and herbal products. They can even run a childcare centre within their own community or an online business," he added.

Riot went on to say that the programme was extended for the first time to the Sarwak state and Serian town.

"I hope more programmes of this nature would be organised in Sara- wak, which eventually would benefit housewives, single mothers and disabled women in the state," he told The Star.

"Azam Kerja' will benefit 5,000 participants in West Malaysia, and 1,000 each from Sabah and Sarawak. As of May, we have successfully registered 2,600 individuals for the programme," he added.