The Sri Muneswarar Kaliyaman Hindu temple situated in Kuala Lumpur was a scene of chaos on Sunday with Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) members barging in to destroy the century-old holy shrine, leading to the subsequent arrest of temple officials.

Surendran, the temple lawyer and a People's Justice Party (PKR) member who rushed to the temple site along with others, was roughly purshed around along with the others. One PKR member and six others have been arrested for opposing against the demolition.

The arrested have been taken to Dang Wangi police headquarters for interrogation. 

"These DBKL officers smashed three deities and took them out. We confronted them and asked for a negotiation but they continued to work until 10.30am until the cops came in and asked them to leave," Surendran told The Malay Mail Online

Surenderan further said that the demolition was illegal since the DBKL had no court order directing the same.

"There was no notice, it was a demolition by ambush... they just came in a day after Merdeka and began breaking it down. Negotiation was supposed to be still on-going... and there was no court order permitting it. It is illegal - that is my position as the temple's lawyer," he said.

The temple officials have also alleged that cops were supporting the demolition process.

The temple built in 1911 has been in a tussle with DBKL authorities since it stands on the latter's sanctioned area. Over the year there has been several talks between the two parties to reach a solution.