A Bosnian man residing in Malaysia has sued his former girlfriend for sexually exploiting him to father their child and then ditching him.

Ahbabovic, who holds a permanent resident status in Malaysia, filed charges against his 29-year-old former girlfriend for using him for his sperms which he claimed are superior given his European origin.

The man also alleged that his girlfriend was a sexual predator and blackmailed him with suicidal threats if he turned her down for sex.

Ahbabovic's statement read, "She demanded to have sexual intercourse six times a day with each session lasting approximately one hour,"

The 41-year-old's relationship with his girlfriend resulted in the birth of a male child.

Ahbabovic has sued her for 600,000 ringgit (US$181,790) for the wrongful use of his sperm.

Meanwhile, the ex-girlfriend has spoken out against Ahbabovic's claims citing them 'completely baseless' and utter nonsense. She accused him of being an abusive partner in the relationship and said she had earlier filed several police reports against him, reported New Strait Times.

A report by Star has fished out old reports against Ahbabovic, which stated that he had been accused of forcefully confining his then-wife and children at his Bosnian house in 2006. His wife eventually fled after taking help from her in-laws and filed a harassment case against him.

Ahbabovic, who was a resident of Malaysia since 1995, was in the news when his business partners dismissed him from a partnership and closed down his outlet.

Moreover, the Star reported that there were at least 18 complaints booked against him over the years in government and non-government organisations.

When asked of previous complaints against him by the agency, Ahbabovic replied, "I cannot say anymore since this is going to court."