While most people pass by orphan children on the street, accepting their fate in the world as an everyday happenstance, one young director was unable to ignore the cruel reality of life. In an attempt to raise awareness about the pitiful condition of the kids that grow up on street and the good fortune that most of us enjoy, Rahul P Nair made "The Way Back".

The short film, which has already got favourable nods from prestigious members of the Malayalam film fraternity, speaks about a young man's journey in search of his father and how he finds himself at the end of it. "It is a simple story about a boy who loved his father over everything else. After losing him, the young man goes in search of him, finds out what his father stood for, and great gift he passed on to him," Nair explains to IBTimes India.

The brilliantly shot movie revolves mostly around a Royal Enfield and its rider, our protagonist. "The Way Back" is completely devoid of dialogues and conveys the story through well-shot scenes and a voice-over in English, opening the avenue for a worldwide audience interaction.

The topic of the story is worthy of interaction too, as it strives to affect the way the general public accepts realities without a second thought. "We see orphan children in our streets, searching for a pair of hands to support them. But we, as humans, refuse to be contend with what we have and thank God for all his blessings. Instead, we choose to complain about what we do not have".

"The Way Back", which Nair says is inspired by and dedicated to a special woman in his life, was released on YouTube on Friday, 23 October and can be watched below: