A few days back, Shakeela, who was once the dream girl of young boys down south, appeared in AsianetComedy Stars and revealed about a person whom she loved in the Malayalam film industry. During the show, the yesteryear starlet, who mainly appeared in B-grade films, confessed that she had loved Mollywood star Maniyanpilla Raju a lot, and even made it clear that she had sent a love letter to him.

Shakeela's apparent infatuation towards Maniyanpilla Raju was initially triggered when she started shooting a cameo role in the movie 'Chotta Mumbai' which starred Mohanlal in the lead. Maniyanpilla Raju was the producer of this flick.

During the shooting of the movie, Shakeela's mother went ill, and she was badly in need of money. At this juncture, she approached Maniyanpilla Raju for help. Even though Shakeela's portions of the film were not completed, Maniyanpilla Raju gave the necessary sum without any hesitations and this noble act sparked love in the mind of the actress.

As per Shakeela, she started loving Maniyanpilla Raju from that moment. She also added that Raju has never replied to the love letter she sent to him.

The confessions made by Shakeela soon went viral, and Mollywood buffs were quite eager to know Maniyanpilla Raju's reactions on this affair. Now, Maniyanpilla Raju has openly come forward and has clarified rumours regarding the alleged love affair.

"Yes, I had given money when Shakeela's mother was admitted to a hospital. But I was not aware of the fact that she loved me. She used to come to the shooting spot in her own vehicle, and after completing the filming, she used to go in the same vehicle. To be very clear about this affair, I have not received any love letters or kind of romantic requests from the actress," Maniyanpilla Raju clarified.