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2014 has raised the loss graph of Malayalam cineme to a higher level. According to Kerala Film Producer's Association, the industry has invested ₹400-450 crore and has collected only ₹150-180 crore.

Only 10 films have managed to become hits and nearly 30 films managed to survive without loss or gain with the help of the television rights," reported Manorma Online.

According to the report, films including "Bangalore Days", "Oma Shanthi Oshana", "1983", "How Old Are You", "Seventh Day", "Ring Master", "Vikramadithyan", "Vellimooonga", "Sapathamashree Thaskaraha" and "Ithihasa" are the only films that managed to create profits in the box office.

"Bangalore Days" topped the list with maximum collection and became the only movie that crossed ₹10 crore in box office collection reports and the film also had maximum shows of 20,800 in 103 days.

The reports also suggested that the huge loss for the producers have become a major problem and the association is now apparently going ahead with stringent moves to curb the rules which is now expected to affect the films that are slated for next year.

Some sources cite that the long shooting schedules have led to the loss for producers. Earlier, shooting schedule spanned for 30-40 days, but now the average shooting schedule is 40-50 days, which has caused a huge loss for the producers. Various strikes and issues related to television rights have also contributed to the huge loss this year.

However, the industry also notes that this year saw introduction of some fresh talents in the creative aspects of film-making and they are hoping that they can make the next year a successful one.