Gilu Joseph on Grihalakshmi magazine cover
Gilu Joseph on Grihalakshmi magazine coverGrihalakshmi Facebook page

Malayalam actress Gilu Joseph could drive home a strong message and bust many a taboo surrounding breastfeeding through her bold photoshoot for the cover of the Malayalam magazine  Grihalakshmi. The 27-year-old is seen breastfeeding a baby on the cover of the magazine.

Gilu said she readily accepted the project and says there is nothing to be ashamed of it. "It is a problem to interpret this sexually. Isn't it a beautiful thing, friends? Why do you think it is wrong? Which god will be angry if you feed your child," The Indian Express quoted her as saying.

When asked if she had any apprehensions in taking up the project, Gilu said she believes in doing whatever she feels is right.

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Her mother and two sisters did not approve of it, which she understands why. But the actress makes her point loud and clear: "Nothing can deter me from doing what I feel is right," she told the publication.

"I am extremely proud of my body and only I exercise rights over it. I only do things that I think is right for me, which is why I had no qualms in taking up this project," she added.

Gilu has been getting a lot of praise for this photoshoot. People have been praising her courage, and strength to go for it even when her own family opposed it. 

Nonetheless, some have also been questioning the reason behind her sporting a thick line of vermillion on the forehead. A few of the critics expressed disappointment at a Christian lady being portrayed as a Hindu woman. Some also felt that the picture would have been more inclusive for unwed mothers if the vermillion was not used.

Gilu responded to this saying that the assignment was given to her by the magazine, which wanted to send a message to all the mothers and wives to be fearless while exercising their right to breastfeed.

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