Jinu Joseph
Jinu JosephJinu Joseph/Facebook

Malayalam actor Jinu Joseph has been arrested at the Abu Dhabi airport on Friday April 29, according to his post on Facebook. "Arrested in Abu Dhabi airport, [sic]" the actor wrote on his social media page on Friday.

The "Iyobinte Pusthakam" actor, who was travelling from New York to Abu Dhabi in business class on Etihad Airways, had been posting on Facebook about the poor service of the airline since Friday morning. As per the details given by the actor, he had asked the stewards to turn off the TV as he had to sleep. However, the staff had instead used a blanket to cover the TV, he said. When Jinu started recording the incident on his mobile phone, the steward reportedly threatened him, saying he would be arrested after reaching Abu Dhabi. 

"Flying from jfk to Abu Dhabi... Tv is not going off n I want to sleep ... Asked the stewards... End result ... He comes with a blanket to cover the tv ... When I recorded that ... He threatened me ... Then the head stewardess comes n tells me they will arrest me in Abu Dhabi.... What is my crime exactly???! [sic]," Jinu wrote on his Facebook page.

Meanwhile, he had also posted about the service of the airline on the official Facebook page of Etihad.

I've been threatened by the staff of the airplane cos I asked for the tv to be switched off .... They put a blanket on the tv and they also threatened to arrest me in Abu Dhabi

Here is how Ethihad treats people who only fly business class ..... And for the rest of you ... Tough luck 

Jinu had also said on Facebook he was denied water by the staff aboard the flight when he had asked for it. He had talked of losing faith in the airline, in which he had travelled twice to New York before.

"Economy in emirates is better than ur business class....?maybe losing me as a customer might not mean much , but u better know that I had so much faith in Ethihad.... So disappointed [sic]," the actor had written. He also said the carrier racially discriminates its passengers.

I am currently flying from New York to Abu Dhabi..... Asked for water ... Half an hour later I had to go n demand it .... So when I walk into the service area n ask for something, it automatically looks like ive been drinking etc.... Economy in emirates is better than ur business class....?maybe losing me as a customer might not mean much , but u better know that I had so much faith in Ethihad.... So disappointed .... Just so u know ... I've only flown Ethihad to New York, twice ... Business class ... Big waste ...?if u look it up ... Last time also I had a complaint n then u guys tried to BRIBE me with a miles compliment...?lets just face it ... U guys are not competent enough.... Ur service sucks ... U guys discriminate on a ratial basis ... I am an open minded person, but I am fed up with Ethihad... I'd much rather do a few hours tackling customs or emigration in America than deal with your crappy service.., have a good day

The airline had responded to his complaint on Facebook by asking him to provide his booking reference number to look into the matter. "It doesn't sound good. Please send the details to socialmedia@etihad.ae to look into this for you. *Maria," reads a reply posted using the official Facebook page of the company to Jinu's Facebook post.

When International Business Times, India contacted Etihad Airways for their statement regarding the incident, they said: "A passenger was met and detained for questioning by airport security officials on arrival at Abu Dhabi International Airport today following his disruptive and abusive behaviour towards cabin crew onboard an Etihad Airways flight from New York. Following his questioning by officials he subsequently apologised for his actions in writing, and continued his journey. Etihad Airways has a zero tolerance policy towards disruptive and abusive behaviour onboard its flights, where passenger safety is of primary importance."

Jinu, who has arrived in Kochi on Saturday, thanked all his fans for showing their support towards him. "I am out .... All is well ... I can't thank everyone enough for the love n support you people have showed me ... Deeply touched... Once again , THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT ... Also kindly understand if I make no further comments on the issue ..Big hugs to all [sic]," Jinu posted on his social media page.

Here is the video of Jinu's conversation with the steward, which he has posted on Facebook: