Malaika Arora had been having a happy time staying at home during the lockdown. But it seems like the actress will now have to confine herself to her house for a longer period of time as a resident in her building has been tested positive for coronavirus.

The BMC has sealed the building where Malaika has been staying, confirmed Hindustan Times in their report. The building has now been turned into a containment zone. It was sealed on June 8.

Malaika Arora
Malaika Arora spotted at Diva Yoga studio in MumbaiVarinder Chawla

Decoding right ways of drinking water

Meanwhile, Malaika feels that in the race to learn something new about fitness and health, people forget the basics.

So, she has decided to use social media to remind people to do simple things in the right way -- starting with the right way to drink water.

"We strive everyday to keep ourselves fit, to learn something new about fitness- new form of exercise, new super foods available in the market, what to eat and how much to eat for different types of diet programs, but what we often forget in all of this is the BASICS," Malaika wrote on her Instagram.

Malaika Arora
Malaika Arora.Malaika Arora Instagram

"Something as simple as drinking water. How to drink this simple and most important source of energy is something we usually don't even consider. Here's my tip to make sure that this simple thing is done in the right way," she added in the post, which came with hashtags #BackToBasics and #malaikastrickortip.

She also posted a video, in which she said that the right way to drink water is to sit and sip it, and not stand and gulp.

Malaika's various stages of lockdown

Malaika Arora
Malaika AroraInstagram

Earlier this week, Malaika shared her various stages of lockdown in a hilarious new post on social media. She took to Instagram, where she shared a photo collage of four images of herself.

In the first picture, Malaika is seen playing with her hair, the second features her flaunting flawless skin, the third picture has her hair on her face and in the fourth she is seen lying in bed.

"My various stages of lockdown... #stayhomestaysafe #staysane," Malaika captioned the image.