Netflix's hit documentary "Making a Murderer" hasn't just evoked feelings of impotence and despondency about the US' criminal justice system. For some, it has afforded a chance to dig deeper and become an investigator in their own right.

In the many weeks that have gone by, Internet sleuths have posited theories that they argue prove Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey's innocence in the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach. The latest in a string of theories comes from former FBI cold case task force officer John Cameron.

The former law enforcement official posted a compelling case arguing that Steven Avery is in fact innocent and that Halbach's murderer could be Edward Wayne Edwards, a serial killer convicted for five murders between 1977 to 1996. A recent Uproxx article, which summarises Cameron's theory, says Edwards chose his victims based on newspaper reports. The article further states: "His target would be the person being set up for murder, with the victim being almost inconsequential."

According to Cameron, one of the reasons Edwards could be guilty is due to the fact that he killed his victims on Halloween Night. Fans of the show would remember that Halbach disappeared on the night of Halloween. Furthermore, Edwards is known to attend the trial of his victims and was seen at Steven Avery's trial proceedings.

Elsewhere in his blog post, Cameron said Edwards lived an hour away from Steven Avery when Halbach was found murdered.

Although Cameron's theory is compelling, it does not prove the 53-year-old Steven Avery is innocent of killing Halbach. To be sure, this isn't the first theory that attempts to establish Avery and his nephew Dassey's innocence. Since the premiere of "Making a Murderer", several reddit users have tried to unearth evidence that proves Avery was framed.

Recently, redditors argued that the key found in Avery's apartment is very different from the key she is holding in a picture taken in front of her car, the Toyota RAV4. In the picture taken before her death, Halbach's key ring holds more than one key. This is significantly different from the single key on a blue strap in Avery's house. 

Avery's attorneys Dean Strang and Jerry Buting have acknowledged this new wealth of information in the case and said it could be used in arguments if Avery get's a new hearing.

Buting was quoted as saying: "I've looked at that picture a thousand times. Those other keys were never recovered. Instead, we found this single key. Now, we did challenge that, how unusual it was for her to be walking around with one key, but I don't think I caught the fact that there was a photograph showing that what she really carried around was a bunch of keys, and none of those keys were ever found."

Netflix's "Making a Murderer", directed by Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi, explores Steven Avery's conviction for photographer Teresa Halbach's death in Manitowac County, Wisconsin, in 2005. The documentary, which follows Avery's trial, exposes the lack of evidence in the case, raising questions of Avery's involvement in Halbach's murder. The documentary provides an exposition into the limitations surrounding the US criminal justice system.