Most of us are unsatisfied with our jobs in a lot of different ways. A happy work environment seems a distant dream with a boss from hell, self-centred colleagues, insufficient salary, messy office politics, inequality in work, nominal or no perks, long hours, tough commute and, to make things worse, favouritism.

If you are thinking of venturing out and looking for greener pastures, give yourself and your job another chance. Constantly hopping jobs will only make your resume look weak and unprofessional. In the current economic setting, it's an unintelligent choice to make switches very often. Try and make the most of what's at hand. Adopt a few tips to reclaim sanity at work.

Keep Negativity at Bay - Understand that problems at work are never going to go away with the wave of a magic wand. You need to be open to accepting issues and being optimistic. The sooner you accept that things will change and get better with time, the easier it will become for you to sustain those long hours.

Do not let any negative influence bother you. Most importantly, do not see your job only as a source of income. If you see your work as your calling in life and strive to excel in it, you will not have to fake optimism if it does not come to you. Try to analyse your own performance and work to increase your efficiency. Focusing on self growth will keep you away from any negative thoughts.

Perk up Your Desk - Organise your desk space. Have a beautiful screensaver on your computer or pictures from your childhood, family, kids, pets, your last vacation that make you smile every time. Keep a small plant on your desk or a self-decorated photo frame or a collage. This will give your eyes a break from looking at the screen all day and uplift your mood.

Keep your desk clean at all times. Looking at a table full of files and folders all the time will make you feel tired. Pin up exciting things like your favourite funny quotes or cartoons or a toy that makes a funny sound. It will crack you up every time you look up from that pile of papers and give you a much-needed visual relief.

Do the Worst Task First - Instead of worrying about it till the end of the day, do the thing that you dread the most first thing in the morning. This way, you will save yourself the hassle of constantly moving around the whole day with the burden of doing a distasteful job. You could also list your tasks according to how much fun they are. Prioritise what you need to do each day and begin with the most difficult one. This will help you ease up for the day and finish up without having to bother about leaving an important task on hold. Save the easiest job for the end.

Walk and Talk - In almost every type of work environment, you are expected to be a working machine sitting or standing all day depending on your job. You cannot change how your organisation functions but you can inculcate some habits that will bring some relief. A few stretches and a little workout can uplift you mood when you are feeling burdened or bored.

Though being at work minimises the chances of any workout, you can still do a few simple exercises while at work. Stretch your arms and legs every couple of hours. This can be easily done without stepping out. Whenever making a phone call, go out and do this while you are walking. Walking outdoors and some sunshine will help boost your energy. Step out with your colleagues to take a stroll if only for a few minutes every day after lunch.

Eat Out - Step out of the office and meet a friend for a quick bite. It will act as a pleasant break from the mundane cafeteria food that you have every day. A change of place and scenery will also freshen you up. Eat something light and healthy. Avoid alcohol so you do not get back to work feeling heavy and sluggish. Talking to friends will surely make you feel better and will give you that chance to bond with your colleagues aside from work. Order takeaway if you do not feel like going out. Good food will always uplift your mood.

Learn to Take it Easy - Working insane hours every day will do nothing but drain you out physically and mentally. Learn to relax at work. Spending 14 hours a day buried in work is bound you make you feel irritable and stressed. You concentration power will go for a toss. Give yourself a break at work every now and then. Play some games online, chat with friends, plug in some music, take a stroll outside, talk to your colleagues, read jokes and pep up your mood. Take a 15 minute nap, nibble on your favourite snack, stretch your limbs or look at old photographs. Small breaks in between work will keep you energised and cheerful.