Shruti Kukreja
Shruti Kukreja

Shruti, who is originally from Dehradun, completed her schooling in Delhi. After graduating from Lucknow University, she gained knowledge of makeup at Scandinavia Makeup School, Europe, and started her career in this profession.

She also has experience working as a makeup artist in Barcelona and a strong portfolio reflects her talent. Her passion and dedication to her art make her one of the best in the industry.

Even when working alongside current trends, she never binds herself to those and always outshines others with a new trend of her own. Shruti now wishes to share her knowledge and skills among other makeup enthusiasts.

She has started to teach American and European makeup techniques which will definitely be interesting, convenient, and economical for the students. An institution has come up with an initiative to provide a platform for youngsters to enhance their skills in the field of makeup & salon industry. Shruti Kukreja MakeUp Institute(SKMI), an institute in Delhi offering wide ranges of professional makeup courses to sculpt the creativity and skills of the youngsters.

Knowing about the owner Shruti, a pro-hair stylist, and makeup artist. Dominating with her huge excellency in bridal and engagement makeup and hairstyles, eye for colors, and understanding of shades, tints, and tones have made her an immensely talented makeup artist with years of experience. She believes that the makeup and salon industry needs an infusion of fresh blood with great efficiency and upgraded skills.

She's coming up with this institute along with her passion to develop makeup skills in others. She bears a deep knowledge of fashion, hair styling, and makeup. Starting from basic concepts like advanced analysis of hair, skin, complexion features to the professional concepts like color correction, beautification, and product differentiation for different skin and hair types, this institution has provided an edge for the fresh blood to the field of makeup and salon industry.