Pininfarina H2 Speed
Pininfarina H2 SpeedPininfarina

Independent Italian car design firm and coachbuilder Pininfarina SpA showcased a high performance track car based on hydrogen fuel cell technology at the 86th Geneva Motor Show. The show car has been made in association with GreenGT, a Franco-Swiss company, which has been designing, developing and producing sustainable propulsion systems since 2008.

The H2 is the chemical formula of hydrogen gas, while the Speed suffix in the car's name is used to portray the track use of the concept. According to Pininfarina, the limited series H2 Speed is the world's first hydrogen, high performance car. The H2 will be able to reach 300kmph by releasing just water vapour into the atmosphere. With a maximum power of 503bhp, the engine of H2 Speed accelerates from 0 to 100 kmph in 3.4 seconds.

The show car features many aerodynamic add-ons in the exterior and comes with low stance, aggressive proportions and strong design. All of these are spot on for a race car. The H2 Speed measures 4,700mm in length, 1,087mm in height and has a width of 2,000mm with a wheelbase of 2,900mm. The chassis of the car is made of carbon and the front and rear axles get wishbone suspension and push-rod. The concept weighs 1420 kgs.

"The present concept is a synthesis of technology, sustainability, harmony, aerodynamic flow and, above all, speed. And it is also the best way to confirm Pininfarina's role as the standard-bearer of the aesthetic values of Italian design in the world and to strengthen its brand, the company's true hallmark," said Chairman of Pininfarina Paolo Pininfarina in a statement.