Mahika Sharma wants to punish Karan Johar for insulting Assamese headgear.
Mahika Sharma wants to punish Karan Johar for insulting Assamese headgear.Instagram

Karan Johar found himself on the receiving end when he made fun of traditional headgears from Northeast which are the symbol of love and respect. Although he apologised for his actions, actress Mahika Sharma wants him to say "sorry" wearing the japi.

Karan was vehemently criticised on social media when he posted a video in which he was seen making fun of a traditional headgear from Arunachal Pradesh that Kiran Rao, his co-judge from India's Got Talent, was wearing.

Those items were gifted to them by some contestants from the Northeast as a mark of respect and love. But Karan refused to wear Assamese headgear called japi, and made fun of it.

This irked people from the NE, who slammed the film-maker left, right and centre for mocking something that is close to the sentiments of Northeast people. Realising the seriousness of the matter, Karan soon apologised for his deed on Twitter and deleted the post.

"I would like to apologise if I have hurt any was purely unintentional and came from a place of no knowledge which is absolutely no extremely sensitive to the different cultures of our land and I am very sorry [sic]," he tweeted.

However, Mahika who hails from Assam is not satisfied with the apology and instead wants KJo to say "sorry" while wearing the japi. She demanded the conditional apology from Karan through an Instagram post.

"Karan Johar Sir, I respect you unconditionally and love your work madly. Like anyone, I also wish to work under you anyday. I respect the hard work you did to be the one you are today. But I am also a child of my state, Assam. And like any child can't take the insult made on his/her mother, even I cannot. Be it intentionally or unintentionally. Every mistake has punishment so that it is not repeated again. So I wish and feel my Assam will also only forgive you if you wear that Japi (Symbol of respect of every Assamese or northeast people) and say sorry," she posted.

Let's see if Karan agrees to Mahika's demand or not.