Mahek Chahal
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Bollywood actress Mahek Chahal, who was recently evicted from the Indian reality television show "Bigg Boss" has spoken out against rumors connecting her to actor Salman Khan, calling them "baseless". There have been widespread rumors, suggesting that Salman, who is the show's host, has a soft spot for the actress; the 32-year-old model of Norwegian extraction has been in the media's spotlight ever since.

The actress has been giving a number of interviews since her being voted off the show and wrote, on her personal blog, of "hearing many baseless rumors that were started by evicted housemates." She added that it was "unbelievable that people are saying such things about me & Mr. Salman Khan."

The first instances of the rumors surrounding Salman and Mahek started when Pooja Bedi, another contestant, charged the host with promoting "his girl" in the show.

"I am very disappointed in Pooja Bedi for starting such rumors. It surprises me that she indulges in such cheap publicity stunts," the evicted Mahek wrote.

Incidentally, Mahek, who managed to stay for 10 weeks on the show, escaped 6 other instances of eviction. She cited the above as examples of not receiving any favours from the host.

"I have done two films with him so I think that's the reason that people are saying that I was safe in Bigg Boss because of his support. Well if that's the case then I wouldn't be out now and I would have won the show. If I was really his favorite then I would have been the main lead in all his films," she pointed out.

"I have known Mr. Khan since I was 19 and it's been a decade. He taught me many things. I have known Mr. Khan and Mr. Dutt so that doesn't mean they would favor me," she commented.