The popular Maggi noodles will likely be in stores from the first week of November with Nestle resuming production of the beleaguered product in at least three plants in India. 

Maggi noodles were taken off the markets across the country earlier this year after regulators said that the product contained high levels of lead. 

Earlier this month, Nestle India had said that as many as  90 samples of Maggi noodles had cleared tests and were found to be safe. 

Production of Maggi noodles has already begun in Karnataka, Punjab and Goa. 

New samples of the noodles will be tested once again before they hit stores. 

But reports have already suggested that Maggi noodles could be available in the market from the first week of November itself. 

However, the ban is still in place in several states in India. Karnataka and Gujarat had lifted the Maggi ban earlier this month. 

The nationwide Maggi ban had cost Nestle India Rs 450 crore after it had to recall the product and destroy tonnes of packets.