Mafia 3: What do gamers want from Mafia 4?
What do you expect from Mafia 4?Official website

Mafia 3 is now on its way to become one of the most notable stealth-adventure games of the year, courtesy gamer adaptability. Gamers are already expressing their thoughts about the game and what they expect from future iterations. Now, since Mafia 3 is released, the next iteration in the Mafia series could be Mafia 4.

Prolific gamers and experts have already taken to social forums to express their wishlists to the developers and publishers of Mafia 3, Hangar 13 and 2K Games, indicating what they expect from Mafia 4, in case this iteration goes official. Here is a list of major expectations that Mafia game loyalists have from Mafia 4: 

Wishlist for Mafia 4:

  • Multiplayer functionality is being demanded by players of Mafia 3.
  • Reduction in the total hours of gameplay.
  • Complete revamp of essential player elements such as hairstyle, clothes, dwellings, facial hair and transportation medium.
  • Improvements to gun battles and overall AI enhancement. "The AI in this game was so easy that once you land one brutal execution you can just run up to anyone and hit B and complete an entire mission without firing a single bullet. Gun battles are cool in this game but the animations are all way too similar and the AI is very stupid, specially the pedestrians," says a gamer. 
  • An increase in the number of save slots.
  • Bringing back characters present within previous Mafia iterations.
  • Empowerment to avail reinforcements.
  • Reduction in the pace of current missions.
  • Better open world aspects.
  • Weapon upgradation and enhancements to overall arsenal.
  • More money making methods on offer.

[Source: Official social forums].

If you have any suggestions about how Mafia 4 should be like, you can post them in the comments section below.