Madonna Says Album Leak is "Artistic Rape", "Act of Terrorism"
The Queen of Pop Madonna's nude photos will be published in the May issue of Playboy magazine.Reuters

Angry that her upcoming album has been leaked, 'Material Girl' singer Madonna compared it to a "form of  terrorism" and "artistic rape", evoking strong response from angry fans. 

"This is artistic rape!! These are early leaked demo's half of which wont even make it on my album the other half have changed and evolved [sic]. This is a form of terrorism. Wtf!!!! Why do people want to destroy artistic process??? Why steal? Why not give me the opportunity to finish and give you my very best?" she wrote in a post on Instagram, Daily Mail reports.

Her outburst has not gone down well with her fans who took to Twitter to express their anger. 

Some social media users took offence to her terming the theft as an "act of terrorism". They felt Madonna was using the term very loosely and at an inappropriate moment.

"How appropriate do you think it is to refer to the theft of your music as "terrorism" days after 132 children are massacred!?" wrote @Merr1ngton.

Another user, @DustinAndrew, said: "Ooook I have a prblm w/ @Madonna claiming the leaks are a form of 'TERRORISM' Really? There are ppl dying. Get a clue."

Later, the 56-year-old pop diva wrote another post that sounded more gentle and appreciative. She wrote: "Thank you for not listening! Thank you for your loyalty! Thank you for waiting and if you have heard please know they are unfinished demos stolen long ago and not ready to be presented to the world," The Verge reports.

The songs that were leaked include 'Bitch I'm Madonna', 'Joan of Arc', 'Illuminati' and 'Messiah'. Although the album leaked online has been named 'Iconic', Madonna has not announced a title for the record or a release date. However, one thing is certain that she had not planned on releasing it for some months. As many as 11 tracks were leaked online.

Some fans, siding with the Queen of Pop, said that their excitement about the album's release has been ruined by the leak. A fan posted: "Who is trying to stay calm about the album leak, but still wants to throw a chair at the window? #Madonna," The Mirror reports.