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Even as body hair of men is said to be a sign of their manhood, women are supposed to be hairless by adhering to methods like plucking, waxing, shaving, bleaching and many others.

While many get grossed out to see women with pubic hair, there are some celebrities who have come forward showing off their body hair in a bold way.


American singer Madonna had once posted a photo, in which she is seen showing off her armpit, with the caption "Long hair...... Don't Care!!!!!!".

Miley Cyrus

The controversial singer recently made headlines for colouring her armpits pink and earlier she had posted pictures of her, showing pubic hair.

Jemima Kirke

The British actress was recently criticised by many for attending a red carpet event without shaving her armpit hair. However, the "Tiny Furniture" actress slammed the haters by saying "It's just my own personal preference. That being said please can we stop talking about pits? and posted Italian actress Sophia Loren's photos, in which she had flaunted her hairy armpits.

After the celebs started taking a bold step, women all around the world have been taking part in the armpit hair movement. In China, a prominent women's rights activist Xiao Meili has even asked women to take part in the armpit hair contest, for which many have been posting photos online. 

"I hope to raise the issue of the ownership of female body and to dispel the belief that it is wrong for girls to keep their armpit hair. Keeping armpit hair should not be seen as uncivilised or dirty – it is nothing of the sort," the 25-year-old activist told the Guardian.