A 35-year-old adivasi married woman was paraded naked  and made to drink water from a drain after locals in a village in Madhya Pradesh suspected her of being a "witch".

The shocking incident took place in Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh on 7 November.

On the evening of 7 November, the victim reportedly had an argument with some women of the village. Following this, the other women accused her of being a "witch" who practised black magic.

Later at midnight, the local villagers attacked and dragged her out of her house. Her husband was brutally beaten up when he tried to intervene. He managed to escape and reported the matter to the police.

The angry crowd, who accused the woman of bringing bad luck to the village by her 'black magic,' was stripped naked and paraded around for over an hour. The mob also then forced her to drink water from a drain.

A local media report said had the police not arrived on the scene on time, anything could have happened to the hapless woman. 

For over an hour, the woman, who hails from the Koruk community, was tortured by the villagers; after she was rescued, the police rushed her to the hospital.

Local media reports said that the Khalava police are still searching for the culprits and no arrests have been made.

( Source: Kohraam)