When the number of coronavirus infections keep increasing, on one hand, people on the other hand, tries various way of social distancing to free themselves from the infection.

A photo of a milkman who has come up with a creative technique to deliver milk while maintaining physical distancing from customers is the new viral hit on social media. The milkman from Madhya Pradesh is been praised for his innovative style of delivery.

milkman's innovative idea on social distancing
milkman's innovative idea on social distancingTwitter

New model of social distancing 

The details regarding the milkman's name is not yet available although the tweet has garnered much likes and comments across the social media.

Many, including IAS officers Awanish Sharan, Nitin Sangwan has tweeted the post praising the new model of social distancing amid the pandemic scare.

"Good to see that some people go extra mile to keep themselves and others safe," wrote Nitin Sangwan IAS by sharing the image of the milkman's bike that has a long pipe connected to a funnel from the milk container. Through this pipe, the customer can collect the milk from its other end, thus having no contact with the vehicle or with the milkman.

"Let's do basic minimum things of staying at home, wearing mask and keeping social distance even if we cannot go an extra mile like this innovative milkman," added the IAS officer in his tweet.

Nitin Sangwan IAS tweet on milkman

Many such interesting measures have been opted by merchants across the state for a safer means of the sale of commodities.

While most of the shops ensured one-meter distance between the customers' queue, many have chosen to lose these 'pipe-funnel' techniques to ensure clean and safer delivery of essential things to the people during the lockdown.