'Dance with Madhuri' Launch
'Dance with Madhuri' Launch: Madhuri Dixit NeneVarinder Chawla

Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit will take on a new challenge of teaching dance online with 'Dance with Madhuri'.

"Dancing has always been my passion and as I see it, there should be no age, gender or geographical barriers to learn dance, whether it is for an event, wedding, club or purely for your own pleasure and self improvement. Through the academy, I want to reach all my fans and dance enthusiasts, who wish to learn dancing," said the diva on her new venture along with husband Dr S Nene.

The project will be produced by Madhuri's production house, RnM Moving Pictures.

Elaborating on her dream assignment she said, "'Dance with Madhuri' is an academy where you can learn dancing step by step. It's very easy, personalized and interesting because it caters to all age groups. Further the digital platform helps me to reach out to a larger audience, spread the mantra of dance, and connect with my fans globally."  

"The beauty of the dance academy is that you can learn dancing at your own convenience in your own comfort zone without having to physically go to a studio. You can log in through your existing IDs on Facebook, Yahoo and Google. The academy is accessible across all platforms including computers, tablets, smart phones and other hand held devices, thus making it more accessible and user friendly." 

For the queen who ruled the charts for years, dance has been a continual passion and one of her prominent reasons for making her foray into Bollywood. "It is the passion towards dancing that got me into this. I love dancing. I have been dancing since I was three-year-old," Madhuri told PTI.

The site would initially teach amateurs signature moves of Madhuri in her famous songs "Maye Ni Maye" from "Hum Aapke Hai Kaun" and "Ek Do Teen" from "Tezaab".

An ecstatic Madhuri said, "My fans have loved me, my dancing, lot of people told me they wished they could learn dance from me. So I felt this was the good opportunity to give back all the love and affection that I have got from people."

"We want it to become such an academy where every dance style can be learned under one roof, whether it is Indian, folk, classical or western."